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The Blockley Heritage Society exists to further public knowledge about the history of Blockley and adjacent parishes. It does this by collecting, preserving and displaying records, antiquities and other objects of historic interest and by sponsoring talks, discussions, publications and visits to sites of relevant interest.
The Society's collections include: 
* A library - see Heritage Centre
* Written archives, also held at the Gloucestershire and Worcestershire Records Offices
* Some 1,000 artefacts including agricultural tools and historical costumes (some of which are in 
   the custody of the Corinium Museum, Cirencester)
* Many photographs of the area are held by the Corinium Museum and in the Society's archive.

We are actively seeking to make these valuable collections more accessible to interested local people, visitors and others in our Heritage Centre, Park Road, Blockley. In 2010 the society took up a long lease of the building that has been converted into the Blockley Community Heritage Centre, comprising a Library/Research room, a store for artefacts, and the Jubilee Hall for Community Use.

The Blockley Antiquarian Society, renamed the Blockley Heritage Society in 2008, was founded in 1964 with the primary objective of publishing the official history of the village: Blockley Through Twelve Centuries by H E M Icely. This book has since become the recognised history of the parish, which has a wealth of fascinating history dating from the first signs of human settlement more than 1200 years ago, and beyond that into pre-history.

The society is a charity, registration number 1133319, and a company registered by guarantee of trustees, who report annually to the Annual General Meeting.